Pastures New

The truth is gonna' come out... in a hail of bullets.

Privilegio. A town with problem. A town of fear. Fear of the Grangers. Our heroes perspective of the job they were paid to do has been changed. And they were none too happy. The Mexicans of the town revealed they were being exploited by the Grangers and their men, riding into town and taking whatever they want. Our heroes had only one side of the story to go on, but it was clear to them that things were not right. But they needed to know where they stood in the eyes of the law, what law there is in the deep south, out in the wastes.

And then there was the package. A Gattling Gun. What were the Grangers going to do with it?

John and Sam took the decision to ride hard back to Odessa , seeking to bring the situation to the attention of the Sheriff. Meanwhile Ebenezer, William and Quique remained with the gun outside the town to consider their options.

After three hours, the riders arrived back in Odessa and got right down to business at the Sheriff’s office. The Sheriff was indeed not pleased to hear the report on Privilegio, however he also revealed there was little he was able to do. He was the Sheriff on Odessa, and his authority did not extend far past its borders. Privilegio’s security was down to Privilegio’s Sheriff. No doubt a man already dead, or bought off. Only a Marshal would have the authority to deal with the problem, and they did not come around too often. He could only give advice, and was not too keen on our group taking the law into their own hands. He was more interested in the news of the Gun. What sort of private individual would need, or be able to afford a Gattling Gun. “Look for a mark” was his advice. But he also wanted the Gun brought back… and soon.

It was clear the Sheriff was not going to be able to be able to help, so Sam and John made ready to ride back, after Sam had purchased some supplies and sent a telegram… again. Just who was he communicating with? His Aunt it seemed…

Meanwhile, the others decided to re-pack the gun and move it into town. Upon entering again the real scale of the problem became apparent. The whole town was out to greet them, with an almost carnival atmosphere. To the towns people our heroes represented there only way out of the situation. All the hopes rested on them making some sort of agreement, or stand, again the Grangers and their men. But what to do? Fight? What if they had the situation wrong? What if they were jumping to conclusions without knowing the full extent of what was going on? Many plans were made, mulled over and discarded. They decided to wait to see what information, or help, Sam and John returned with.

And it was some wait. The midnight hour had passed by the time the sounds of horses hooves rang out across the town. And the news was not good. There were on their own. And so they weighed their options. They would try to speak, to find out what was going on. But they suspected it would end in violence. The gun bore the markings of the Confederate Army, and they were not known to go handing out over a thousand dollars of cutting edge weaponry.

And so the gun was set up on a roof, overlooking the town, covered with sack cloth, but ready to be brought to bear. Quique took up a position on the church roof. The gun was manned by Sam and William. Leaving John and Ebenezer at the sharp end. Sat on the empty gun box, outside the tavern, just as the young Granger and his desperadoes rode into town…



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