Pastures New

Separate Ways

With Hogan confirming Shepherd was fit to travel, the group took to the trail then the train back to Sweetwater. Arriving late at night they made their way to Grainger’s, open for business and busy as ever.

Directed upstairs they met again with the portly figure of Bailey Grainger. Keen hear of their success, Grainger became frustrated at the groups reluctance to explain what happened. The group trying to extract answers to their own questions first. Slowly, part of the tale unravelled and it became clear to Grainger that the “package” was not delivered as instructed. The conversation began to slide towards anger on both sides and it was at this point that the group became aware of another person in the room. Had he always been there? No one could recall; certainly no one saw him come in if he had not. Masked by the gloom of the corner in which he stood, Grainger introduced this new person as “McClain”, who in turn slowly tipped his hat. A chill ran down the backs of all and unease lay heavy on the heart.

William, ever the inquisitive, decided he needed a better look at this “newcomer” and approached boldly, arm outstretched in greeting. He got within a couple of feet McClain when his feet faltered and would carry him no closer. A cold sweat ran down his back as his arm, still outstretched, began to tremble. If McClain noticed this he gave no indication, simply calmly watching the unnerved Englishman as he backed away. This feeling of unease was sensed by the entire party and, realising that nothing further was to be gained from continuing the “discussion” with Grainger, left the office to gather their thoughts in the street below.

Well, that seemed to be that. They had be brought together by a bar fight, fought off train robbers and liberated a small town. Not bad for 5 men that had never met before. But now their trail seemed to have come to a natural conclusion. They found lodging for the night and in the morning shook hands, bidding one another safe travels as each man followed his own destiny.

Grainger, he was left in his office to contemplate his decision to hire these men in the first place. He did not know where his gun was and he had no idea of his brother’s fate. But surely this news would reach him in time.

A little over a month has now passed…



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